Are you and your infrastructure ready to upgrade to ShoreTel Connect?

Inflow Communications is a national leader in ShoreTel technology, especially as it pertains to Connect. We employee the most seasoned ShoreTel Connect engineers, many of whom have actually worked as ShoreTel Connect escalation engineers.

As such, we offer a service in which a Senior ShoreTel Engineer will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current environment. This results in a readiness report giving you “Go / No-Go" status, areas of concern, and recommendations to prepare for a ShoreTel Connect upgrade. 

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ShoreTel Connect Readiness Assessment

The following includes, but is not limited to, ShoreTel components that are evaluated and reported on for Connect readiness:

  • Server Hardware Readiness
  • Operating System Readiness
  • ShoreTel Voice Switch Boot Rom Readiness
  • Database Readiness and Stability
  • Event and Server Log Review for Potential Pitfalls
  • Client Software Readiness Assessment Checklists


Are you ready for ShoreTel Connect? 

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